Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering



  • Birth:1957

Academic background

  1. Science University of Tokyo Faculty of Science and Engineering physics 1982 Graduated
  2. Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering applied physics Doctor course 1987 Completed

Academic degrees

  1. 理学博士 Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research Areas

  1. Physical Properties in General (including Basic Theories)

Subject of research

  1. theory and application of 1/f fluctuations 1990-Present


  1. Research paper (international conference proceedings) Only 1/f Impedance Fluctuation in 2D Carbon Materials Hideo Akabane 23th international conference on noise and fluctuations, 15700683090 2015/06/02
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint BOTDRを用いたグレーデッド型多モードファイバの歪分布測定に関する基本検討 松浦 聡、赤羽秀郎、小山田弥平 電子情報通信学会論文誌B J98/ 1, 77-87 2015/01
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint ダブルパルスBOTDRの測定能力向上 電子情報通信学会論文誌B J97/ 10, 962-972 2014/10
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Compression Pressure Dependence of 1/f Resistance Fluctuation in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Hideo AKABANE* and Hideyuki SAITO Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52, 098001 2013/08
  5. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint 1/f Permittivity Fluctuation in Fullerene C60 Hideo AKABANE, Eiichi SATO, and Kazutaka SANADA Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 82/ 2, 025002 2013/01/21

Research presentations

  1. Poster presentation Fluctuation of the scattering probability in two-dimensional triangle atomic system 19th International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations 2007/09
  2. Poster presentation 地表における太陽光ゆらぎの解析とその応用 第14回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2006/12/02
  3. Poster presentation カーボン系材料の抵抗ゆらぎに関する研究 第14回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2006/12/02
  4. Poster presentation フラーレンの誘電率ゆらぎに関する研究 第13回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2005/11/26
  5. Poster presentation カーボンナノチューブにおける電気抵抗のゆらぎに関する研究 第13回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2005/11/26

Memberships of academic societies

  1. 応用物理学会
  2. 日本物理学会