Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Urban and Civil Engineering


YOKOKI Hiromune

  • Birth:1965
  • Fax.0294-38-5268

Other affiliation / position

  1. Institute for Global Change Adaptation Science (ICAS) 兼務教員
  2. Institute of General Regional Studies


  1. Research Associate, University of Tokyo 1991/04/01-1996/06/30
  2. Lecturer, Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, Ibaraki University 1996/07/01-1997/04/30
  3. Lecturer, Center for Water Environmet Studies, Ibaraki University 1997/05/01-1998/09/30
  4. Associate Professor, Center for Water Environmet Studies, Ibaraki University 1998/10/01-2007/03/31
  5. Associate Professor, Center for Water Environment Studies, Ibaraki University 2007/04/01-2010/03/31
  6. Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, Ibaraki University 2010/04/01-2011/03/31
  7. Professor, Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, Ibaraki University 2011/04/01-Present

Academic background

  1. The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Engineering Civil Engineering Master course 1991/03 Completed
  2. The University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering 土木工学科 1989/03 Graduated

Academic degrees

  1. Doctor of Engineering The University of Tokyo

Current state of research and teaching activities

Coastal Engineering, Impacts assessments and adaptations of the global warming and sea-level rise
Coastal engineering and hydraulics are major subjects that I offer in undergraduate and graduate courses in Department of Urban and Civil Engineering. As for research topics, countermeasures against coastal erosion and adaptations to the global warming and sea-level rise are the main topics.

Research Areas

  1. Coastal and Environmental Engineering
  2. Hydraulic Engineering
  3. Modeling and technologies for environmental conservation and remediation

Research keywords

  1. Climate Change
  2. Sea Level Rise
  3. Adaptation to Climate Change
  4. Coastal Erosion

Subject of research

  1. Method for Estimating Directional Spectrum of ocean waves 1990-Present
  2. Coastal morphological changes in Ibaraki coast (Oarai, Ajigaura, Kashimanada) 1997-Present
  3. Impact assessment and Adaptation measures to Global Climate Change 1998-Present
  4. Beachtopographic changes on coral reef coast 2002-Present
  5. Numerical Model for Wavetransmission into harbor due to overtopping
  6. Statistical analysis for beach topographical changes

Proposed theme of joint or funded research

  1. Coastal erosion issures; mechanisms, processes and countermeasures Wish to undertake joint research with industry and other organizations including private sector. Technical consultation,Commisioned research,Joint research

Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds)

  1. 気候変動に伴う沿岸地域の脆弱性評価と適応策の費用便益分析 Others 戦略的研究開発領域S14テーマ3(4) 環境省 環境研究総合推進費 2015/04-2020/03
  2. 茨城県沿岸域市町村を対象とした東日本大震災復旧・復興計画立案時の街づくり計画への提案 Others 財団法人JKA 競輪公益資金による体育事業その他の公益の増進を目的とする事業に関する補助金 2011/07-2012/03
  3. アジア太平洋地域における脆弱性及び適応効果指標に関する研究 Others 環境省 地球環境研究総合推進費 2010/04-2014/03


  1. 気候変動下の水・土砂災害適応策 横木裕宗,佐藤大作,(池田駿介・小松利光・馬場健司・望月常好編集) 太平洋島嶼国における気候変動を考慮した海岸保全策 近代科学社 2016/11/30 978-4-7649-0530-6
  2. ポスト震災社会のサステイナビリティ学--地域と大学の新たな協働をめざして-- 小峯秀雄,木村競,横木裕宗,三村信男監修,田村誠,伊藤哲司,木村競,加藤禎久,坂上伸生編 国際文献社 2014/03/25
  3. 地球温暖化はどれくらい「怖い」か? 技術評論社 2012 9784774150352
  4. 地球温暖化への3つの選択 生産性出版 2011
  5. サステイナビリティ学をつくる 新曜社 2008


  1. (MISC) Introduction and explanation (scientific journal) Only 気候変動の沿岸域への影響と適応策 横木裕宗 用水と排水 産業用水調査会 61/ 1, 56-61 2019 0513-5907
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Global assessment of the effectiveness of adaptation in coastal areas based on RCP/SSP scenarios Makoto Tamura, Naoko Kumano, Mizuki Yotsukuri, Hiromune Yokoki Climatic Change Springer Netherlands 2019/01/05 0165-0009 10.1007/s10584-018-2356-2 The objective of this study is to assess the global impact of sea level rise and to evaluate the effectiveness of adaptation. Global areas of inundation due to sea level rise are identified. The affected populations and the economic damage caused by inundation due to future climate change are estimated for a number of scenarios involving Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) and Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSP). The effects of adaptation in coastal areas, specifically the effects of elevating dikes, are evaluated. According to study results, dikes 1 m in height may reduce the total inundated area by approximately 40% below the no-adaptation baseline under the same RCP. The cost of adaptation was estimated using an original cost database to establish the cost of protection in future socioeconomic scenarios. It was found that the incremental adaptation cost was less than the economic damage in almost all cases of RCP/SSP, providing an incentive to take action to respond to climate change.
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint 珊瑚礁環礁内における流動構造と物質輸送過程の解明 小池 海, 増永 英治, 横木 裕宗 土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 土木学会 74/ 2, I_1141-I_1146 2018 10.2208/kaigan.74.I_1141 ツバル国フナフチ環礁ラグーン内における汚濁物質を想定した都市起源物質の輸送過程を海洋数値計算により明らかにした.ラグーン内では,吹送流によって上下層で異なる複雑な流動場が形成されていた.都市起源の物質のラグーン内の輸送フラックスから,夏季は卓越する北西からの風によりラグーン南側の環礁の切れ目から都市起源物質が強く流出していた.一方南東からの風が卓越する冬季は,ラグーン北側からの物質の流出が顕著に現れていた.汚濁物質のラグーン内残留量から,都市起源物質は冬季夏季ともに10日程度でラグーン外への排出が始まり,排出量は風況の強く影響を受けていた.また水質汚濁対策として,人工的にモデル内に新たな環礁の切れ目を設けることにより,冬季はラグーン内の都市起源物質量を9 %程度削減できる可能性が示唆された.
  4. Research paper (international conference proceedings) Joint Global distribution of projected sea level changes using multiple climate models and economic assessment of sea level rise Yokoki,H., M.Tamura, M.Yotsukuri, N.Kumano, Y.Kuwahara CLIVAR Exchanges 74, 36-39 2018
  5. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint 複数気候モデルによる海面上昇に伴う浸水影響の不確実性評価 土田晃次郞,田村誠,熊野直子,増永英治,横木裕宗 土木学会論文集G(環境) 土木学会 74/ 5, I_167-I_174 2018

Research presentations

  1. Oral presentation(invited, special) Global distribution of projected sea level changes using multiple climate models and economic assessment of sea level rise International WCRP/IOC Conference 2017 "Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts" 2017/07
  2. Oral presentation(general) フナフチ環礁ラグーンの吹送流がラグーン流動場および海水交換に与える影響 日本沿岸域学会全国大会 2016/07/16
  3. Oral presentation(general) Coastal Management for Shore Protection in Atoll Islands 2nd International Seminar on Islands and Oceans 2010
  4. Oral presentation(general) Numerical Calculation of the Sediment Transports along the Lagoonal Coast on Majuro Atoll Coastal Dynamics 2009, Impacts of Human Activities on Dynamic Coastal Processes 2009
  5. Oral presentation(general) Impacts on Coastal Areas due to Climate Changes and Sea-Level Rise -- Investigations on Majuro atoll, the Marshall Islands -- 2nd International Symposium on Climate Change and the Sustainability 2008/11


  1. 平成21年度日本沿岸域学会論文賞 論文「ツバル国フナフチ環礁における沿岸土地被覆変化の解析」,沿岸域学会誌,vol.21, pp.21-31 2009/06
  2. 平成19年度地球環境講演論文賞 桑原祐史,横木裕宗,滑川卓也,佐藤大作,林利一,三村信男:Majuro環礁における国土の防護を目的としたゾーニングプロセスの構築,第15回地球環境シンポジウム講演論文集,pp.129-133, 2007.8 2008/08/30

Alloted class

  1. 地球環境システム論I
  2. Introduction to Urban and Civil Engineering
  3. Hydraulics II
  4. Advanced Coastal Environment Engineering
  5. 地球環境工学

Memberships of academic societies

  1. Japan society of civil engineers 1989/04-Present
  2. Japanese Coral Reef Society 2004/07-Present
  3. 日本沿岸域学会 1997/04-Present
  4. 日本海洋政策学会 2013/08-Present

Joint / funded research

  1. 環礁州島からなる島嶼国の持続可能な国土の維持に関する研究 2003/04-2008/03 Commissioned research from companies
  2. 飯田ダムにおける生態環境特性に関する研究 1999/04-2002/03 Domestic

Extention education

  1. education (off campus) 平成30年度専門課程 道路構造物[基礎]研修 「気象・海象(風・波・水理)」 2018
  2. Other 「地球温暖化が我が国の沿岸影響におよぼす影響」 2014
  3. Other 平成26年度いばらき子ども大学県北キャンパス授業「地球温暖化の未来」 2014
  4. Other 平成26年度茨城県弘道館アカデミー県民大学「豊かな生活環境を求めて(地球温暖化)」 2014
  5. Other 平成25年度専門課程海岸研修,「気候変動による海岸への影響と適応策」 2013