Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor

MATSUDA Ken-ichi

  • Birth:1953

Academic degrees

  1. Doctor (Engineering) Tohoku University

Current state of research and teaching activities

My classes are as follows: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Physics for Mechanical Engineers II, Machine Drawing I, Manufacturing Practice II, Experiments in Mechanical Engineering I, Experiments in Mechanical Engineering II for undergraduate and Advanced electromagnetic application I, II.
These are all shared classes.
I am currently a member of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers and The Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics. My research interests are as follows: Active Magnetic Levitation, Active Magnetic bearing, Self-Bearing Motor (Combined Motor-Bearing) and Their Self-Sensing Control. Recently, I am proposing and developing 5 DOF self-bearing motor which can realize extensive downsizing and high-rotation of the active magnetic bearing system.

Research Areas

  1. Mechanics and Control Engineering

Research keywords

  1. Magnetic Levitation, Active Magnetic Bearing, Self-Bearing motor, Self-Sensing

Subject of research

  1. ホモポーラ・コンシクエント統合型5軸制御セルフベアリングモータに関する研究 2015/04/01-Present
  2. コンシクエントポール型5軸制御セルフベアリングモータに関する研究 2015/04/01-Present
  3. PR型セルフベアリングモータの基本特性解析 2015/04/01-Present
  4. 磁路制御磁気軸受に関する研究 通常の磁気軸受エアギャップが1mm以下で利用されることが多い。本研究ではエアギャップが30mmという超ワイドギャップに効率よく対応可能な、磁路制御型磁気軸受の開発を行う 2013/04/01-Present
  5. Development of homopolar-type hybrid 5DOF self-bearing motor 近年さまざまな特殊環境下で運用可能なセルフベアリングモータが提案されている。本研究では、人工心臓に適用可能なホモポーラ型ハイブリット5軸制御セルフベアリングモータを開発する。 2011/04-Present
  6. IPM型5軸制御セルフベアリングモータの開発 ロータに永久磁石を内蔵させることで、よりコンパクトで信頼性の高い5軸制御セルフベアリングモータを開発する 2010/04-Present
  7. Development of 5-DOF self-bearing motor which is realizable with miniaturizing and high performance simultaneously A 5-DOF self-bearing motor has been proposed to achieve a compact active magnetic bearing (AMB) system. The 5-DOF self-bearing motor possesses the functions of a motor, two radial AMBs, and an axial AMB. Therefore, it is possible to downsize the AMB system dramatically with maintaining high performance. 2009/07-2010/03
  8. Development of Small and High-Performance Self-Bearing Motor for Nonpulsatile-Type Artificial Heart Artificial heart pump using active magnetic bearings and/or self-bearing motors are partially utilizing passive stability to realize the downsizing of the system. Therefore, when patients fall over by sudden accident, there are some problems like that the pump sustains big damage by large acceleration. This research develop novel self-bearing motor to realize the downsizing and high performance at the same time. 2007/04-2009/03
  9. Development of the small and high efficiency self-bearing motor for artificial heart using self-sensing technique 2005-2007
  10. Self-sensing control of the high efficiency self-bearing motor for artificial heart 2003-2004


  1. パソコン/メカトロニクス実験室 岡田養二、高橋博、永井文秀、松田健一 ラジオ技術者 1983/09/10 484430139x


  1. (MISC) Other article Joint PR型セルフベアリングモータの基本特性解析 向井崇史、松田健一、近藤良、増沢徹 茨城講演会講演論文集 日本機械学会 157-158 2016/08/26
  2. (MISC) Other article Joint ワイドギャップに適用可能な磁路制御型磁気軸受 松田 健一 、宮嶋 要、近藤 良、増澤 徹 Dynamics and Design Conference講演論文集 日本機械学会 1-11 2016/08/23
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint 片麻痺者のための手動制御脚支援システムManipulegの開発 近藤 良, 鈴木 利充, 峯岸 祐太, 岡田 養二, 松田 健一 日本機械学会論文集 日本機械学 82/ 838, 1-12 2016/06/25 DOI: 10.1299/transjsme.16-00088
  4. (MISC) Other article Joint ホモポーラ・コンシクエント統合型5軸制御セルフベアリングモータの開発 松田健一、鈴木力 、岡田養二,近藤良、 増澤徹 日本機械学会[No.15-7] Dynamics and Design Conference 2015 CD-ROM論文集 1-8 2015/08/26
  5. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Development of highly efficient hybrid magnetic bearing and application to ultra-low temperature fluid pump Yohji OKADA, Hironari SUZUKI, Ken-ichi MATSUDA, Ryou KONDO, Masato ENOKIZONO Bulletin of JSME Mechanical Engineering Journal 2/ 4, 1-10 2015/08/15 10.1299/mej.15-00086

Research presentations

  1. Oral presentation(general) Proposal on Homopolar Type Hybrid 5-DOF Self-Bearing Motor 24th Symposium on Electromagnetics and Dynamics 2012/05/17 In this paper, homopolar type hybrid 5-DOF self-bearing motor is proposed. The rotor consists of two reluctance rotors, two circular discs, and a permanent magnet. It possesses a motor, two radial magnetic bearings, and an axial magnetic bearing. The analytical results show the feasibility of a compact and high reliable actuator for an artificial heart pump.
  2. Oral presentation(general) Study on Permanent Magnet Arrangement for IPM Type 5-DOF Self-bearing Motor Dynamics and Design Conference 2011 2011/09/07 The 5-DOF self-bearing motor possesses the functions of a motor, two radial AMBs, and an axial AMB. Therefore, it is possible to miniaturize the AMB system with maintaining high performance. In this paper, an interior permanent magnet (IPM) type 5-DOF self-bearing motor is proposed. The IPM rotor generates bias fluxes to not only the radial direction but also the overhanging stator direction without side surface permanent magnets. Optimum configuration of the permanent magnets is analyzed using 3 dimensional finite element method. The results show the feasibility of the more compact and highly-reliable 5-DOF self-bearing motor.
  3. Oral presentation(general) Self-sensing control of interior permanent magnet type self-bearing motor The 18th Symposium on Electlomagnetics and Dynamics 2006/05/19
  4. Oral presentation(general) セルフセンシングが可能なIPM型セルフベアリングモータの提案 第9回「運動と振動の制御」シンポジウム講演論文集 2005/08
  5. Oral presentation(general) セルフセンシング磁気軸受の実用化研究 第17回「電磁力関連のダイナミクス」シンポジウムCD-ROM論文集 2005/06

Intellectual property rights

  1. Patent 磁気軸受 特願2014-105356 2014/05/21
  2. Patent 永久磁石埋込型モータ 特願2012-254549 2012/11/20
  3. Patent セルフベアリングモータ 特許出願2007-154525 2007/05/15 特許公開2008-289340 2008/11/27


  1. 第七回モノづくり連携大賞特別賞 次世代の電磁力応用技術開発を目指す産学官連携拠点の構築 2012/12/06

Alloted class

  1. 設計製図I
  2. 機械工学実験I
  3. 機械工学ゼミナールII
  4. 電磁応用工学特論
  5. 機械工学実習II

Memberships of academic societies

  1. The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  2. The Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics
  3. The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers

Committee Career

  1. the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps ISRBP2016 Local organizing Committee 2015/04/01-2016/10/31
  2. 日本AEM学会 日本AEM学会MAGDA講演会実行委員 2007/04/01-2008/12/28
  3. International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings Local organizing Committee 2001/04/01-2002
  4. 日本機械学会 「運動と振動の制御」(MOVIC)実行委員 1996/04/01-Present
  5. 年度精密工学会 年度精密工学会秋季大会実行委員 1995/04/01-1996/10/31