Ibaraki University's
College of Engineering
Department of Media and Telecommunications Engineering

Associate Professor


Other affiliation / position

  1. Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences


  1. Vice Chief Researcher, Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (former PNC and now Japan Atomic Energy Agency, JAEA) 1996/04/01-1998/07/31
  2. JST-CREST researcher, Dept. of Applied Phys., Faculty of Engeneering, Hokkaido University 1998/08/01-2000/03/31
  3. Research Associate, Dept. Media&Telecom, Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University 2000/04/01-2002/05/31
  4. Assistant Professor, Media&Telecom. Eng., Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University 2002/06/01-2009/03/31
  5. Visiting Professor of the Department of Physics in Univ. of Toronto in Toronto, Canada 2003/02-2003/03
  6. Visiting Scientist of RIKEN 2004/04/01-Present
  7. Associate Professor, Dept. of Media and Telecommunications Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University, 2009/04/01-Present
  8. Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Science, Ibaraki University, Associate Professor 2010/04/01-Present

Academic background

  1. Keio University Faculty of Science and Engineering 電気工学 1991
  2. Keio University Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering 電気工学専攻 Doctor course 1996 Completed

Academic degrees

  1. Ph.D. Keio University

Research Areas

  1. Applied Optics and Quantum Optics
  2. Laser

Research keywords

  1. laser, nonlinear fiber optics, femtosecond, ultrafast, solid state laser, fiber laser, laser processing

Subject of research

  1. Development of ultrashort pulse lasers
  2. Analysis of ultrashort pulse propagation in a optical fiber
  3. Ultrafast optical communications フェムト秒ファイバレーザの開発

Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds)

  1. 省エネ型高出力超短パルスレーザの開発とスーパーコンティニウムの発生 Science research expense Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C) 科研費 2013/04/01-2016/03/31


  1. Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Emission, Chapter 20 Comparison between Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method and Experimental Results for Femtosecond Laser Pulse Propagation Shinki Nakamura Intech 2010/12 978-953-307-242-5
  2. Frontiers in Guided Wave Optics and Optoelectronics, Chapter 23 High-power and High Efficiency Yb:YAG Ceramic Laser at Room Temprature. Shinki Nakamura (Edited by Bishnu Pal) Intech 2010/02 978-953-7619-82-4


  1. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Lyot-filter design method with dispersion in the visible light region M. Fukuyama, K. harada, S. Sugawara, H. Furuse, S. Nakamura, and H. Sone Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications Pushpa Publishing House 17/ 1, 147-153 2017/02
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint High-Power Diode-Pumped Mode-Locked Yb:YAG Ceramic Laser Shinki Nakamura, Yuto Hikita, Hiroyasu Sone, Takayo Ogawa, and Satoshi Wada Optical Review 21/ 3, 401-403 2014/06/01
  3. Research paper (international conference proceedings) Joint Laser Performance of Yb-doped Vanadates Grown by Floating Zone Method Shinki Nakamura, Taishi Agata, Takayo Ogawa, Mikio Higuchi, Satoshi Wada in Advanced Solid-State Laser Congress (ASSL2013), Paris, France, October 27 - November 1, 2013, paper AM4A.18. 2013/10/27
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Optical Properties and Laser Performance of Yb-Doped Vanadates Grown by Floating Zone Method Shinki Nakamura, Taishi Agata, Takayo Ogawa, Satoshi Wada, Mikio Higuchi Optical Review 20/ 5, 390-394 2013/10/01
  5. Research paper (international conference proceedings) Joint High-power diode-pumped mode-locked Yb:YAG ceramic laser Shinki Nakamura, Yuto Hikita, Hiroyasu Sone, Takayo Ogawa, Satoshi Wada in the 10th Japan-Finland Joint Symposium on Optics in Engineering (OIE'13), Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan, September 2-5, 2013, paper P-23. 73-74 2013/09/02

Research presentations

  1. Oral presentation(general) Fluoresce characteristics around 1.3 μm-band of Bismuth-based highly Ytterbium-doped fiber 平成27年度電気・情報関係学会北海道支部連合大会,北見,光・量子エレクトロニクス151 2015/11/07
  2. Poster presentation ビスマス系高濃度Yb添加ファイバーレーザーの諸特性 第61回応用物理学会春季学術講演会,相模原,17p-PA2-27 2014/03/17
  3. Poster presentation モード同期Yb添加YAGセラミックレーザの高出力化 第74回応用物理学会秋季学術講演会,京田辺,18p-P4-1 2013/09/18
  4. Poster presentation キャリアエンベロープオフセット位相安定化発振器のフィードバック動作特性 第60回応用物理学関係連合講演会,厚木,28p-PA5-1 2013/03/28
  5. Poster presentation CEO安定化において計測系の振幅-位相変換が発振器の安定性に与える影響 第73回応用物理学会学術講演会,松山,12p-PA3-2 2012/09/12

Intellectual property rights

  1. Patent 墨出し装置 特願2010-166492 2010/07/23
  2. Patent Method and Equipment of Ultra broadband light generation by Ultrashort pulse. 特願1999-233366 1999/08/20 特開2001-060734 2001 4282839 2009/03/27

Memberships of academic societies

  1. OSA
  2. IEEE
  3. 電子情報通信学会
  4. 応用物理学会
  5. レーザー学会