Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


DESAKI Yoshihisa

Academic background

  1. Osaka University Faculty of Engineering Science 情報工学 1992
  2. Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Engineering Science 物理系 1994

Academic degrees

  1. 博士(工学)

Current state of research and teaching activities


Research Areas

  1. 計算機工学

Subject of research

  1. Study on dependable and secure computing 2000-Present


  1. Research paper (scientific journal) The Weight Distributions of Entended Binary Primitive BCH Codes of Length 128 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 43/ 4, 1364-1371 1997
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) The Weight Distributions of the(128,64,22)and (128,71,20)Extended Binary Primitive BCH Codes(共著) Proceedings of 1996 IEEE International Symposium of Information Theory and Its Applications 2, 594 1996

Research presentations

  1. Poster presentation 放射相称形検出器による道路標識認識に関する検討 第24回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2016/12/17
  2. Poster presentation ハフ変換に基づく網膜血管抽出アルゴリズムのハードウェア実装 第23回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2015/11/28
  3. Poster presentation バイナリ法を使用した二線四相式RSA暗号化回路の実装 第22回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2014/11/22
  4. Poster presentation 網膜画像中の血管領域抽出アルゴリズムに関する基礎検討 第22回電気学会東京支部茨城支所研究発表会 2014/11/12
  5. Oral presentation(general) Performance Evaluation of Hardware-Oriented Seam Carving Algorithm 2014 IEEE 3rd Global Conference on Consumer Electronics 2014/10/09