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ANDO Hisao

Other affiliation / position

  1. Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Science) Department of Science (Earth Sciences Course) Professor


  1. Assistant Professor, School of Education, Waseda University 1985/04-1988/03
  2. Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science 1988/04-1990/03
  3. Assistant Professor, College of Science, Ibaraki University 1992/03-1993/03
  4. Associate Professor, College of Science, Ibaraki University 1993/04-2007/03/31
  5. Professor, College of Science, Ibaraki University 2007/04/01-Present

Academic background

  1. The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science Department of Geology Doctor later 1985/05 Completed

Academic degrees

  1. Doctor of Science The University of Tokyo 1985/05

Current state of research and teaching activities

Field survey in Hokkaido Field Excursion in Hokkaido
Field survey in Hokkaido Field Excursion in Hokkaido
Excavation shark teeth fossils Miocene mammal footprints
Excavation shark teeth fossils Miocene mammal footprints

Geohistory and evolution of earth environments and ecosystem based on strata and fossils
(1) Sedimentary geology of Cretaceous to Quaternary shallow-marine deposits based on facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy. (2) Systematic paleontology and paleoecology on Mesozoic to Cenozoic molluscs. (3) Taphonomy and sedimentary cycles. (4) Basin formation of Cretaceous to Paleocene Yezo forearc basin in Northeast Japan

Research Areas

  1. Geology
  2. Stratigraphy/Paleontology

Research keywords

  1. Molluscan fossil, taphonomy, phylogeny, fossil facies, depositional facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentary history, Cretaceous, Tertiary, Quaternary, Northeast Japan, Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Fukushima, Yezo forearc basin, Joban basin, footprint fossils in Neogene Tanakura basin, early Cretaceous lacustrine sediments of Gobi desert in south Mongolia, Cenozoic sequence stratigraphy of New Jersey shallow shelf, northern East Coast of United States, sea level changes during Eocene to Miocene

Subject of research

  1. Taxonomy, paleoecology and evolution of Mesozoic molluscs 中生代の軟体動物化石を中心にして,その分類・古生態・進化を研究している.特に北海道の蝦夷層群より産する白亜紀浅海生化石二枚貝類や,アンモナイト類などを扱っている.(1)化石密集層のタフォノミー解析からその形成過程,(2)群集解析や産状観察による古生態復元,(3)浅海底生生態系の時代変遷(4)化石分類に基づく系統進化を研究している. 1980-Present
  2. Sequence stratigraphy and basin analysis of the Cretaceous to Paleogene in Yezo forearc basin, Northeast Japan 東北日本の北海道中軸部から常磐沖にかけて分布する,蝦夷前弧堆積盆に白亜系-古第三系について,その堆積相層序やシーケンス層序を広域対比し堆積盆の形成過程や埋積過程を解析している. 1986-Present
  3. Sedimentary facies, sequence stratigraphy and biofacies of the Cenozoic in Joban basin of Ibaraki and Fukushima Prefectures 福島県南部から茨城県北部の太平洋岸から太平洋沖海底下にかけて分布する常磐堆積盆の新生界について,堆積相層序・シーケンス層序・化石相の解析を通して堆積史や化石相を明らかにする. 1992-Present
  4. Sedimentary facies, sequence stratigraphy and biofacies of the Quaternary deposits in the middle to southern parts of Ibaraki Prefecture 茨城県中南部に広がる第四系更新統下総層群およびその下位層について,堆積相・シーケンス層序・化石相の解析から堆積史を復元する. 1993/04-Present
  5. Paleoecology and evolution of brackish bivalves oysters and their reefs since late Jurassic time 白亜紀から現在に至る汽水域に生息する二枚貝カキ類とその生物礁を対象に,カキ類の進化や古生態変遷,そしてカキ礁の発達様式や海面変動との関係をモデル化する. 2001/04-Present
  6. Reconstruction of Cretaceous to Tertiary paleoenvironmental changes through offshore drilling record of the Sanriku-Joban area offshore the Pacific 三陸-常盤沖のIODPによる海底掘削計画の提案を行い,白亜紀〜第三紀の地球環境変動の高精度復元をめざす. 2001-2004/12
  7. Mammalian and Avian fossil footprints from the Miocene in the Tanakura basin, Daigo-machi, northern Ibaraki Prefecture 茨城県北部久慈川沿いの棚倉堆積盆に分布する,新第三系中新統久慈川層群の河川成相から産した大型哺乳類および鳥類の足跡化石群から,棚倉堆積盆の大型動物化石相の実態や古生態を解明する. 2005/03-2011/03
  8. Origin of mammalian fauna during Paleolithic age in the Hanamuro River area, Kasumigaura Lake area 霞ヶ浦に流下する花室川の河床に僅かに残されている更新世末期(3.5~2万年)の河川堆積物から産出する大型哺乳類化石(ナウマンゾウ,シカ,アシカなど)の起源について,堆積学的な検討を行った 2008/04/01-2013/03/31
  9. Mongolian Lower Cretaceous lacustrine deposits for reconstructing terrestrial paleoenvironmental changes during mid-Cretaceous green house age モンゴルの下部白亜系の湖成層に注目し,これらが「OAE1a時の海洋表層生物生産と有機炭素埋積率の増大を引き起こす陸域湿潤化と化学風化度増大の直接証拠」との作業仮説の検証を行う.1)アプチアン階下部の陸成層(Shinekhdag層とKhukhteg層)を詳細に地質調査し,堆積相解析やシーケンス層序から堆積環境の変遷を明らかにする.2)採取した連続柱状試料から,有機炭素の炭素同位体比(δ13Corg)変動曲線を求め,日本や欧州から報告されているOAE1a時の炭素同位体変動曲線と比較し層序対比を行う.3)有機・無機化学分析により,化学風化度の変遷を詳細に復元する.4)調査分析結果を総括し,OAE1a時の陸域環境変動の変遷が,海洋の有機炭素埋積にどのようにリンクしていたのかを復元する. 2009/04-2019/03
  10. Sequence stratigraphy of Eocene to Miocene in the New Jersey shallow shelf 統合国際深海掘削計画Exp.313「北米東海岸ニュージャージー沖大陸棚での浅海掘削」の堆積物試料を用いて,始新世〜中新世の海水準変動と堆積層構造との相関を解明する. 2009/05-2018/12
  11. Sedimentary facies, sequence stratigraphy and biofacies of the Miocene Kujigawa Group in the Tanakura basin, northern Ibaraki Prefecture 茨城県北部の棚倉構造線の西側に分布する,新第三系久慈川層群について,堆積相層序・シーケンス層序・化石相の解析を通して堆積史や化石相を明らかにする. 2014/04-Present


  1. The 4.6Billion Year Journey of Earth Hisao Ando Asahi Shimbun Publications 2014/02/09 週刊百科「地球46億年の旅」全50号の編集顧問及び監修,共同執筆
  2. 日本地方地質誌1.北海道地方 日本地質学会編 朝倉書店 2010/11 978-4-254-16781-8
  3. 古生物学事典 第2版 日本古生物学会編 朝倉書店 2010/06/10
  4. 堆積学辞典 朝倉書店 1998/11 堆積学研究会編による事典(470p.)で17項目を担当.
  5. 日曜の地学8. 茨城の自然をたずねて 築地書館 1994/02 天野一男編著による茨城県内の地学見学案内書(249p.)で,大洗・那珂湊地域(pp.76-82)を担当.


  1. Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution) Joint Taphonomy and paleoecological significance of oyster shell beds from the Miocene Furanui Formation, central Hokkaido, Japan Hisao Ando and Hiromitsu Yuguchi Bulletin of the Mikasa City Museum Mikasa City Museum 23 2020/03/31
  2. Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution) Joint Newly found well-preserved Munida (Crustacea, Decapoda) from the Miocene Nawashiroda Formation, Kujigawa Group in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture Hisao ANDO・Hisayoshi KATO and Kazuki SAITO Bulletin of Ibaraki Nature Museum Ibaraki Nature Museum 22 2019/12/27 1343-8921 A fossil squat lobster Munida sp. (Decapoda, Anomura, Galatheoidea, Munididae) from the upper Lower Miocene Nawashiroda Formation, Kujigawa Group in the northern part of Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture is described. This well-preserved specimen is a carapace retaining the pereiopods in articulated position and with pleonites, and important for the reexamination of their taxonomy. Judging from the mode of fossil occurrence, lithology and sedimentary facies, the present individual may have been transported from offshore sandy mud bottom to the further offshore mud bottom by turbidity currents in the Tanakura basin, and rapidly buried without heavy breakage.
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Only Taphonomy and sedimentological significance of oyster shell beds within Cretaceous Ttansgressive sediments in Japan Hisao Ando Open Journal of Geology Scientific Research Publishing 9, 547-550 2019/10 2161-7589 10.4236/ojg.2019.910038
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Preface of Virtual issue: Land‐ocean linkages and biotic evolution during the Cretaceous: Contribution from Asia and Western Pacific (IGCP608) Hisao Ando, Takashi Hasegawa, Xiaoqiao Wan, Daekyo Cheong, Sunil Bajpai and Guntupalli V. R. Prasad Island Arc Wiley 27 2018/12 1440-1738 10.1111/iar.12290 URL
  5. Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution) Joint Newly found well-preserved cranium of Stegolophodon pseudolatidens (Yabe, 1950) (Proboscidea, Stegodontidae) and scapula of the Trionychidae (Testudines) from the Miocene Tamakawa Formation in Hitachi-Omiya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and their significance Yoshiki KODA, Hisao ANDO, Katsunori IIZUMI, Haruo SAEGUSA, Wataru KOIKE, Taichi KATO, Teppei SONODA and Yoshikazu HASEGAWA Bulletin of Ibaraki Nature Museum ミュージアムパーク茨城県自然博物館 21, 1-20 2018/12/28 1343-8921 茨城県常陸大宮市野上の下部中新統上部の久慈川層群玉川層の凝灰質砂岩から,これまで知られている日本産ステゴロフォドン属の最も保存のよいStegolophodon pseudolatidens (長鼻目, ステゴドン科) の頭蓋標本が発見されたので,含有岩相,産状,形態記載を行い,産出年代や堆積環境,産出の意義を考察した.頭蓋化石は, 河口砂質潮汐低地の堆積環境において,河川の洪水流により運搬され, 亜熱帯の干潟に面した温暖な森林域に生息していた個体が,死後急速に砂質堆積物に埋没したと推測される.

Research presentations

  1. Oral presentation(general) Taphonomy and sedimentological significance of oyster shell beds within Cretaceous transgressive sediments in Japan The First International Symposium of the International Geoscience Programme Project (IGCP) 679 2019/10/16
  2. Oral presentation(general) Shallow-marine sedimentary facies successions and bivalves fauna of the Nakanosawa and Koyamada formations, Middle Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Somanakamura Group, NE Fukushima Prefecture 126th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan (2019 Yamaguchi) 2019/09/25
  3. Oral presentation(general) Solar influence of decadal- to millennial-scale climate variability in the mid-Cretaceous Hothouse 126th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan (2019 Yamaguchi) 2019/09/24
  4. Changes of sedimentary facies and bivalve faunas in the Nakanosawa Formation (Upper Jurassic: Kimmeridgian), Somanakamura Group in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan The 169th Regular Meeting, The Palaeontological Society of Japan 2019/06/21
  5. Oral presentation(general) Considering taphonomy and paleoecology of Crassostrea gravitesta: A case study in the Middle Miocene Furanui Formation, in south-central Hokkaido, Japan The 2019 Annual Meeting, the Palaeontlogical Society of Japan 2019/01/28

Artistic Activity, Architectural Works, etc.

  1. The Others Joint モンゴル白亜系湖成層のコア掘削: 数万年精度でのOAE期の陸-海環境リンケージ解明 2013/04/04-Present
  2. The Others Joint 白亜紀中期における陸域湿潤化:温室地球システム解明に向けたモンゴル白亜系調査 2009/04/01-2012/03/31


  1. Paper Award, The Gelological Society of Japan Depositional ages and characteristics of Middle–Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous lacustrine deposits in southeastern Mongolia 2019/09/23
  2. Research Encouragement Award, The Geological Society of Japan Shallow-marine sedimentary facies distribution and progradational sequences of the Mikasa Formation, Middle Yezo Group (Upper Cretaceous). Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 96 (6), 453-469. 1991/03

Alloted class

  1. Stratigraphy
  2. Paleoecology
  3. 基礎地球惑星科学I
  4. Experiments for geology
  5. Sedimentary Geology

Memberships of academic societies

  1. Tokyo Geographical Society
  2. 英国古生物学会(Palaeontological Association)
  3. アメリカ古生物学会(Paleontological Society)
  4. 堆積地質学会(SEPM(Society for Sedimentary Geology)
  5. Paleosciences Society 2012/09/01-Present

Committee Career

  1. Tokyo Geographical Society Chairman of Committee on Public Information 2019/08/01-Present
  2. Tokyo Geographical Society Director 2019/06-Present
  3. The Geological Society of Japan Vice Director of General Management 2016/05-Present
  4. The Geological Society of Japan Director 2012/05-Present
  5. Geological Society of Japan 各賞選考委員会委員 2010/05-2012/04