Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Materials Science and Engineering


ABE Osami


  1. Faculty of Engineering Ibaraki University 教授 2001/04-Present

Academic background

  1. Tokyo Institute of Technology Doctor course Completed

Academic degrees

  1. Science in Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology

Current state of research and teaching activities

Inorganic Materials Science, Powder Science
Synthesis and processing of ceramics and ceramics composites; Intelligent ceramics forcusing to reparability and reusability, machanochemistry for the synthesis of ferrites, manganates,
cobaltates, titanates

Research Areas

  1. Structural and Functional Materials
  2. Inorganic Materials and Properties
  3. Composed Materials and Properties
  4. Chemical Engineering in General
  5. "Function, Properties and Materials in Chemistry"
  6. "Design Engineering, Machine Elements and Tribology"

Research keywords

  1. ceramics, composites, mechanochemistry, materials for dye-sensitized solar cells, lithium batteries and fuel cells, intelligent materials, reusability, alumina, ferrites, titanates, manganates, cobaltates, cerium oxide

Subject of research

  1. Materials design and processing of ceramics and CMCs with intelligent functions Strengthening, toughening and intelligent functions of alumina- and zirconia-based ceramics composites by oxidation of NiAl dispersant
  2. Direct synthesis of ferrite powders (Fe3O4, LaFeO3, CuFe2O4, NiFe2O4, BaFe12O19,...) by mechanochemical process
  3. Preparation and application of reusable engineering ceramics Development of ceramics-base composites providing the reusability for the micro-defect induced under application 2008/04-2011/09
  4. Development of new TiO2 electrode applicable for dye-sensitized solar cells Control of layered structure for TiO2 electrode for high efficiency 2008/04-2010/03
  5. Development of High-coltage ZnO varistor Development of 1000V-class ZnO varistors 2008/05-Present
  6. Mechanochemical synthesis of high-performance ceramic powders Mechanochemical synthesis of characterization of electrode and electrorite materials (manganates, cobaltates, cerium oxide solidsolutions and others) 2005/07-Present
  7. Development of NiAl fine particles via a chemical synthesis process Synthesis of fine NiAL particles with the size less than 0.5μm via a chemical precipitation route. 2010/04-Present

Proposed theme of joint or funded research

  1. Processing technoilogy of ceramics
  2. Synthesis and characterization of inorganic powders


  1. セラミックス工学ハンドブック 第2版 応用編 日本セラミックス協会編 技法堂出版 2002/03


  1. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint メカノケミカル法を利用したLaVO4およびLaVO3の合成 阿部修実,阪根嘉純,御立千秋,山田智恵,番能 忠 粉体工学会誌 52/ 2, 64-71 2015/02
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Mechanochemical/solvothermalsynthesis of LiMn2O4 as a cathode material for rechargeable batteries O. Abe, S. Sano, S. MItachi, T. Yamada Key Eng. Mater. 617, 81-84 2014
  3. (MISC) Introduction and explanation (scientific journal) Only mechanochemistry for inorganic synthesis Osami Abe 耐火物 64/ 7, 294-306 2012/07/01
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Charge Controlling Capability by Ultra-thin Shell Layers Formed on a Spherical PMMA T. Iimura, O. Abe, T. Oguchi 日本画像学会誌 50/ 1, 9-15 2011 1344-4425 Nano-size Polyer particles have been coacervated on spherical PMMA particles to control the tribo-charging character4istics independent from tht core chargeability.
  5. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint メカノケミカル法を利用したLa1-xSrxMnO3+dの合成と結晶相関係 会田淳,阿部修実,山田知恵,御立千秋 粉体工学会誌 47, 158-165 2010

Research presentations

  1. 高耐電圧酸化亜鉛バリスタの特性に及ぼす粒界相の影響 第32回日本セラミックス協会関東支部研究発表会 2016/09/20
  2. Oral presentation(general) メカノケミカル処理を利用したLiMxMn2-xO4(M=Ni,Co)の合成 第54回セラミックス基礎討論会 2016/01/07
  3. Oral presentation(general) 高耐電圧酸化亜鉛バリスタの低温焼結化の検討 第54回セラミックス基礎討論会 2016/01/07
  4. Oral presentation(general) YTZ-Al2O3複合材料の熱化学ヒーリング 第32回日本セラミックス協会関東支部研究発表会 2015/09/20
  5. Oral presentation(general) 磁場中フィルタープレス法による配向性BaFe12O19材料の作製 第31回日本セラミックス協会関東支部研究発表会 2015/09/07

Intellectual property rights

  1. Patent バナデート系複合酸化物の製造方法 特願2010-162713 2010/07
  2. Patent 電圧非直線抵抗体の製造方法及び電圧非直線抵抗素子 特願2010-152753 2010/07
  3. Patent 希土類バナデート計複合酸化物の製造方法 特願2009-175172 2009/07
  4. Patent 都市ゴミスラグを結合剤とするコンクリート 2005/03
  5. Patent 硬化剤及びこれを用いた硬化体の製造方法 特願2003-294900 2004/08

Alloted class

  1. Basic Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Excercise in physical chemistry and chemical engineering
  3. Experiments for boiscience I
  4. Experiments for applied chamistry I
  5. Advanced solid-state chemistry

Memberships of academic societies

  1. 無機マテリアル学会

Committee Career

  1. 無機マテリアル学会 評議員 2010/04-Present
  2. 日本セラミックス協会 理事 2010/04-Present
  3. 日本セラミックス協会関東支部 常任幹事 2005/04-Present