Ibaraki University's
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Institutional Assistant

TACHIKI Masahisa


  1. Besides librarian work , I study the analysis of Catholic Social Doctrine which Ibaraki University possess mainly. Especially,I study "Rerum Novarum" which was encyclical issued by Pope Leo XIII (reign 1878-1903) . "Rerum Novarum" was promulgated in 1891 ,and it became the background of the idea of the ILO (International Labour Organization) which was established in 1919.
    In addition, I study "Pacem in Terris"which was encyclical issued by Pope John XXIII (reign1958-1963). "Pacem in Terris" was promulgated in April 11, 1963 .It was taken up in the United Nations on May 13, 1963 just after the Cuban Missile crisis. That is why this encyclical letter made a deep impression on people of the world.


  1. Department of humanty and social science Department library Institutional Assistant 1989/04/01-Present

Academic background

  1. Nihon University Faculty of Law 政治経済学科 1985/03/25 Graduated
  2. Tsurumi University Librarian Course 1988/09 Others

Academic degrees

  1. Bachelor of Law, Librarian Nihon University, Tsurumi University 1988/09

Licenses and qualifications

  1. Library librarian, administrative scrivener, registered real estate transaction manager, the database retrieval engineer second grade, the Chinese official approval third grade, the practical English official approval associate second grade, administrative task chief person

Current state of research and teaching activities

Normally I am not a Research Associate but a Librarian, and I belong in Faculty of Humanity and Social Sience,Ibaraki University. I am actually studying about some problems of "Autism Act in Japan 2005" from the perspectives of "Rerum Novarum" which was encyclical issued by PoPe Leo ⅩⅢ in 1891.
"Rerum Novarum" is the origine of ILO which was established at 1919.

Research Areas

  1. Library and Information Science
  2. Legal Problems on Developmental disabilities

Research keywords

  1. History of Library,Analysis on "Catholic Social Teaching"("Rerum Novarum"etc. written by Pope Leo ⅩⅢ in Vatican ) ,Legal problem on "Developmental disabilities" Keyword:"Rerum Novarum", Pope Leo XⅢ

Subject of research

  1. History of Library,Analysis of materials on Catholic social teachings("Rerum Novarum" written by Pope Leo XⅢ),Analys and Problems of Legal Law on developmental disabilities from the perspective of Catholic Social Doctrine History of Library,Analysis of materials on Catholic social doctrine,Problems on Developmental disabilities 2008/10/31-Present


  1. (MISC) Research paper Only ”福島原発問題”と『キリスト教的是正』私案:大惨事を経験した日本のキリスト者が今すぐ取り組むべき6つの視点―ヨハネ23世の回勅『パーチェム・イン・テリス』の視点から 立木正久 福音と社会 カトリック社会問題研究所 58/ 1, 14-24 2019/02/28 0914-5877
  2. (MISC) Other article Only 労働組合の「発達障がい者」観 立木正久 福音と社会 カトリック社会問題研究所 56/ 3, 13-18 2017/06/30 0914-5877
  3. (MISC) Research paper 発達障害者の半世紀 立木正久 福音と社会 カトリック社会問題研究所 55/ 5・6, 106-115 2016/12/31
  4. (MISC) Introduction and explanation (others) Only 「カトリック障害者老人ホーム」創設の呼びかけ TACHIKI,Masahisa 福音と社会 カトリック社会問題研究所 55/ 2, 59-64 2016/04/30
  5. (MISC) Other article Only 発達障害者の福祉に関して福音的救済策を考える 立木正久 福音と社会 54/ 4・5, 96-109 2015/10/31

Memberships of academic societies

  1. 大学図書館支援機構
  2. カトリック社会問題研究所