Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Materials Science and Engineering



Academic degrees

  1. Doctor of Engineering The University of Tokyo 1995

Research Areas

  1. Structural/Functional Materials

Research keywords

  1. Electron microscopy, Grain boundary and Interface, Welding


  1. Research paper (international conference proceedings) Joint Plastic deformation behavior within ultrasonic spot welding joints with AZ31B Mg alloys Yuichi Higashi, Chihiro Iwamoto 10th International Conference on Trends in Welding Research American Welding Society, Japan Welding Society 2016/10/11
  2. Research paper (international conference proceedings) Joint Resistance Spot welding of Mg alloy with Mg-Zn-Y alloy insert Chihiro Iwamoto, Yoshihito Kawamura, Mitsuru Hano 10th International Conferences on Trends in Welding Research American Welding Society, Japan Welding Society 2016/10/11
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of extruded Mg96Zn2Y2 alloy joints with ultrasonic spot welding Yuichi Higashi, Chihiro Iwamoto, Yoshihito Kawamura Materials Science & Engineering A 651, 925-934 2016/01/10 0921-5093
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Sn and SnO2 nanoparticles by pulsed plasma in liquid: Synthesis, characterization and applications Zhazgul Kelgenbaeva, Emil Omurzak, Hirotaka Ihara, Chihiro Iwamoto, Saadat Sulaimankulova, Tsutomu Mashimo Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science 212, 2951-2957 2015/12/01
  5. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Synthesis of Hollow Carbon Nano-Onions Using the Pulsed Plasma in Liquid Omurzak, Emil; Abdullaeva, Zhypargul; Iwamoto, Chihiro; Ihara, Hirotaka; Sulaimankulova, Saadat; Mashimo, Tsutomu Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 15/ 5, 3703-3709 2015/05/01

Research presentations

  1. Oral presentation(general) Interface Microstructure of Mg-Zn-Y Joints Bonded by Ultrasonic Spot Welding 70th IIW 2017/06/25
  2. Oral presentation(invited, special) Ultrasonic Spot Welding of the Mg96Zn2Y2 alloy The 6th International Forum on Advanced Materials 2016/09/24
  3. Oral presentation(invited, special) Microstructure of the Mg96Zn2Y2 alloy joints welded by ultrasonic spot welding Thermec 2016 2016/05/29
  4. Oral presentation(general) Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Zn-Y Alloy Joints Joined by Ultrasonic Spot Welding The 10th International Conference on Magnesium Alloys and Their Applications 2015/10/15
  5. Oral presentation(invited, special) Microstructure of Mg-Zn-Y alloy welded by resistance spot welding 11th session of the national heat treatment 2015/07/19