Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Associate Professor

AONO tomosuke

Academic background

  1. Keio University 理工学部 物理学科 1992/03 Graduated
  2. Keio University 理工学研究科 物理学専攻 Master course 1994/03 Completed
  3. Keio University 理工学研究科 物理学専攻 Doctor course 1998/03 Completed

Academic degrees

  1. 博士(理学) Keio University 1998/03

Research Areas

  1. Condensed matter physics I
  2. Micro/Nanodevice

Subject of research

  1. 半導体微細構造における電気伝導 量子ドットや量子ポイントコンタクトなどの半導体微細構造における電子状態や電気伝導理論

Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds)

  1. 電界制御ラシュバ効果による磁壁移動型メモリの高速化 研究課題 Science research expense 基盤研究(B) 2016/04/01-2020/03/31
  2. 量子ポイントコンタクト構造における微小磁化と核スピン相関の理論的解明 Science research expense 新学術領域研究(研究領域提案型) 2016/04/01-2018/03/31
  3. ディラック電子系に対する量子ドット導入による熱電性能の増強 Science research expense 基盤研究(C) 2015/10/21-2019/03/31
  4. 超高記録密度積層構造ナノワイヤメモリの低電流・高速動作に関する研究 Science research expense 基盤研究(C) 2013/04/01-2016/03/31


  1. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Dipolelike dynamical nuclear spin polarization around a quantum point contact Peter Stano, Tomosuke Aono, and Minoru Kawamura Phys Rev B 97/ 7, 075440/1-16 2018/02/26 10.1103/PhysRevB.97.075440
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Giant thermoelectric figure of merit in a noninteracting quantum dot system with massless Dirac fermions Tomosuke Aono and Takashi Komine Phys Rev B 94/ 16, 165311/1-6 2016/10/25 10.1103/PhysRevB.94.165311
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Enhancement of Seebeck Coefficient in Bi Nanowires by Electric Field Effect T. Komine, T. Aono, Y. Nabatame, M. Murata, and Y. Hasegawa J. Elec. Mater. 45/3, 1555-1560 2016/03/01 10.1007/s11664-015-4113-x
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Micromagnetic analysis of current-induced domain wall motion in a bilayer nanowire with synthetic antiferromagnetic coupling T. Komine and T. Aono AIP advances 6, 056409/1-7 2016/03/01 10.1063/1.4944769
  5. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Tight-binding theory of surface spin states on bismuth thin films K. Saito, H. Sawahata, T. Komine, and T. Aono Phys. Rev. B 93, 041301(R)/1-6 2016/01/12 10.1103/PhysRevB.93.041301

Research presentations

  1. Gaussian disorder potential effect on electron transport through quantum point contacts International Symposium on Hybrid Quantum Systems 2019 (HQS2019) 2019/12/04
  2. Correlated Disorder Potential Effect on the Conductance through Quantum Point Contacts International School and Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and phoTonics 2019 2019/11/19
  3. First principle band calculations of Mg2Si thin films The Fifth Asia-Pacific Conference on Semiconducting Silicides and Related Materials, APAC-SILICIDE 2019 2019/07/20
  4. Disorder potential effect on electron transport through quantum point contacts The 21st International Conference on Electron Dynamics in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (EDISON21) 2019/07/16
  5. Nuclear spin polarization and its detection in quantum point contacts The 2019 Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices workshop (FQMD2019) 2019/05/27

Memberships of academic societies

  1. 日本物理学会