Ibaraki University's
College of Agriculture
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SATOU tatuo

Other affiliation / position

  1. Institute for University Education and Student Support Department of Global Education 部門長(兼務教員)


  1. Researcher, Hokkaido prefectural Tokachi agricultural experiment station 1988/04/01-1995/03/31
  2. Engineer, Kanagawa prefectural institute of agriculture 1995/04/01-2004/03/31
  3. Senior Researcher, Kanagawa prefectural agricultural research center 2005/04/01-2006/12/31
  4. Associate professor, Field Science Center, College of Agriculture, Ibaraki University 2007/01/01-2007/03/31
  5. 茨城大学農学部附属フィールドサイエンス教育研究センター 准教授 2007/04/01-Present

Academic background

  1. Hokkaido University Department of Agriculture Floriculture and Landscape Architecture 1988 Graduated

Academic degrees

  1. Ph.D. Hokkaido University

Current state of research and teaching activities

Production Technology of Horticultural Crops
1. Lavor-saving, lavor force-reduction and low cost production systems for horticultural crops
2. Low input sustainable agriculture for horticultural crops using brandnew environmental control and growth diagnostic methods
3. Production technologies for improving taste, function and allergenic characters

Research Areas

  1. Breeding Studies
  2. Gardening/Garden Landscaping
  3. Plant Nutrient Science/Soil Studies

Subject of research

  1. Labor-saving, labor force-reduction and low cost production systems for horticultural crops 1988-Present
  2. Low input sustainable agriculture for horticultural crops using brandnew environmental control and growth diagnostic methods 1995-Present
  3. Production technologies for improving taste, function and allergenic characters 1995-Present

Proposed theme of joint or funded research

  1. Development of new production technology for horticultural crops Wish to undertake joint research with industry and other organizations including private sector. Technical consultation,Commisioned research,Joint research


  1. 『農業技術大系』野菜編 第3巻 イチゴ 佐藤達雄 農山漁村文化協会 2015 熱ショック処理による病害抵抗性誘導
  2. 最新農業技術 野菜Vol. 8 農山漁村文化協会 2015/12/15 978-4-540-15057-9 イチゴの新しい防除法 熱ショック処理による病害抵抗性誘導
  3. 農学入門-食料・生命・環境科学の魅力- 養賢堂 2013/09/20 978-4-8425-0519-0
  4. アスパラガスの整理生態と生産事例 浦上敦子,園田高広,佐藤達雄,地子 立,元木 悟,井上勝広,小泉丈晴,前田智雄,甲村浩之,尾崎行生,荒木 肇,石橋泰之,酒井浩晃,仁井智己,白井英清,松永邦則,中西政則,田村理子 誠文堂新光社 2010/09/28 978-4-416-41009-7
  5. 農家が教える農薬に頼らない病害虫防除ハンドブック 佐藤達雄 (社)農山漁村文化協会 2010/06/30


  1. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Identification of terpenoids volatilized from Thymus vulgaris L. by heat treatment and their in vitro antimicrobial activity. Yumi Eguchi, Ani Widiastuti, Hiromitsu Odani, Yufita Dwi Chinta, Maki Shinohara, Hideyuki Misu, Haruna Kamoda, Tomofumi Watanabe, Morifumi Hasegawa, Tatsuo Sato. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 94, 83-89 2016/05/19 doi:10.1016/j.pmpp.2016.05.004 Enhanced antifungal activity by hot water treatment at 50 °C 20 s against Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Fr., a gray mold pathogen was evaluated in thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) Thymol, p-cymene, and γ-terpinene were detected as the main volatile compounds in thyme plants. Emission of p-cymene and γ-terpinene from thyme increased after treatment, whereas amount of thymol released did not change, suggested that existence of a thermo-dependent synthesis pathway of p-cymene and γ-terpinene. Volatile p-cymene inhibited mycelial growth of pathogen at 0.50 μL/ml, whereas γ-terpinene had an inhibitory effect at 0.05, 0.10, and 0.50 μL/ml. Transcript level of γ-terpinene gene increased after 24 h of treatment. As a conclusion, heat treatment enhanced antifungal activity by volatile terpenoids synthesized by thermo-dependent synthesis pathway of them in thyme.
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Organic hydroponics induces systemic resistance against the air-borne pathogen, Botrytis cinerea (gray mould) Yufita D. Chinta, Yumi Eguchi, Ani Widiastuti, Makoto Shinohara, Tatsuo Sato Journal of Plant Interactions 10/ 1, 243-251 2015/08/27 1742-9145 10.1080/17429145.2015.1068959 Here, we propose that organic hydroponics trigger induced systemic resistance (ISR) in lettuce against air-borne Botrytis cinerea, which causes gray mold. We compared effects of organic and chemical hydroponics, assessed presence of ISR elicitors in the hydroponic nutrient solution, and investigated molecular mechanism of ISR. Organic hydroponics significantly reduced gray mold lesions in lettuce (cultivated hydroponically) and cucumber (cultivated in soil and foliar sprayed with nutrient solution). The 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase gene in lettuce and lipoxygenase and ethylene receptor-related gene in cucumber showed heightened expression, suggesting that the jasmonic acid/ethylene (JA/ET)-signaling pathway was involved in ISR for both crops. Low salicylic acid β-glucoside levels confirmed role of the ISR signaling pathway. ISR in both lettuce and cucumbers indicated that elicitors in organic hydroponics were nonhost-specific and that the JA/ET pathway was activated without microbe–root interaction. Thus, organic hydroponics can be an effective method for both soil-borne and air-borne disease control.
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Heat shock-induced resistance in strawberry against crown rot fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Ani Widiastuti, Mioko Yoshino, Harufumi Saito, Keisuke Maejima, Songying Zhou, Hiromitsu Odani, Kazuhiko Narisawa, Morifumi Hasegawa, Youji Nitta, Tatsuo Sato Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 84, 86-91 2013/10 10.1016/j.pmpp.2013.08.003
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Heat shock-induced resistance increases chitinase-1 gene expression and stimulates salicylic acid production in melon (Cucumis melo L.) Ani Widiastuti, Mioko Yoshino, Morifumi Hasegawa, Youji Nitta, Tatsuo Sato Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 82, 51-55 2013/04 10.1016/j.pmpp.2013.01.003
  5. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Effect of corn steep liquor on lettuce root rot (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lactucae) in hydroponic cultures Yufita D Chinta, Kazuki Kano, AniWidiastuti, Masaru Fukahori, Shizuka Kawasaki, Yumi Eguchi, Hideyuki Misu, Hiromitsu Odani, Songying Zhou, Kazuhiko Narisawa, Kazuki Fujiwara, Makoto Shinohara and Tatsuo Sato Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 94/ 11, 2317-2323 2014/08 10.1002/jsfa.6561

Research presentations

  1. Poster presentation A case study of tomato cultivation and marketing in Nangarhar, Afghanistan 園芸学会平成27年度秋季大会 2015/09/27
  2. Poster presentation Effect of the amount of nitrogen application on flower bud initiation in eight strawberry cultivars 園芸学会平成27年度秋季大会 2015/09/27
  3. Oral presentation(general) 熱ショック処理により誘導される パセリのうどんこ病抵抗性 園芸学会平成27年度秋季大会 2015/09/26
  4. Oral presentation(general) キュウリにおける熱ショック誘導抵抗性発現と 活性酸素種消去系の関係 園芸学会平成27年度秋季大会 2015/09/26
  5. Oral presentation(general) 高温処理によってタイム(Thymus vulgaris)から揮散するテルペノイドの同定およびin vitro抗菌活性 園芸学会平成26年度秋季大会 2014/09/28

Intellectual property rights

  1. Trademark 湯苺 2012-031620 2012/01/10 5496890 2012/05/25
  2. Patent 農業用熱ショック処理装置 特願2008-74812 2008/03/24 特開2009-225715 2009/10/08 特許第4863305号 2011/11/18


  1. 平成19年度日本農作業学会学術奨励賞 キュウリのかん水同時施肥栽培における葉数変化を生育指標とした施肥管理技術 2007/03/28

Alloted class

  1. General Field Practices in Agriculture 1
  2. 農牧場一般実習Ⅰ
  3. Advanced Horticultural Technology
  4. Applied Physiology
  5. Group discussion practice

Memberships of academic societies

  1. International Society for Horticultural Science
  2. 園芸学会
  3. 日本農作業学会
  4. 日本熱帯農業学会