Ibaraki University's
College of Engineering
Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering

Associate Professor

FUKUOKA Yasuhiro

Academic background

  1. Ehime University Faculty of Engineering 電気電子工学科
  2. The University of Electro-Communications Doctor prophase Completed
  3. The University of Electro-Communications Doctor later Withdrawn before completion
  4. University of Tsukuba Doctor prophase Withdrawn before completion

Academic degrees

  1. 博士(工学)

Research Areas

  1. Intelligent Mechanics/Mechanical System

Research keywords

  1. 4足ロボット,特殊移動ロボット

Subject of research

  1. 4足哺乳類の歩様遷移現象のロボットを用いた解明 4足哺乳類の歩様遷移現象を4足ロボットを用いた実験により解明する。


  1. The Effect of Assistive Anchor-Like Grousers on Wheeled Rover Performance over Unconsolidated Sandy Dune Inclines A.N. Ibrahim, S. Aoshima, N. Shiroma and Y. Fukuoka Sensors 2016
  2. Energy evaluation of a bio-inspired gait modulation method for quadrupedal locomotion Y. Fukuoka, K. Fukino, Y. Habu and Y. Mori, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 2015
  3. A simple rule for quadrupedal gait generation determined by leg loading feedback: a modeling study Y. Fukuoka, Y. Habu and T. Fukui Scientific Reports 2015
  4. Dynamic bipedal walking of a dinosaur-like robot with an extant vertebrate's nervous system Y. Fukuoka and J. Akama Robotica 2014
  5. Analysis of the gait generation principle by a simulated quadruped model with a CPG incorporating vestibular modulation Y. Fukuoka, Y. Habu and T. Fukui Biological Cybernetics 2013