Ibaraki University's
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor

FUKUOKA Yasuhiro

Academic background

  1. Ehime University Faculty of Engineering 電気電子工学科
  2. The University of Electro-Communications Doctor prophase Completed
  3. The University of Electro-Communications Doctor later Withdrawn before completion
  4. University of Tsukuba Doctor prophase Withdrawn before completion

Academic degrees

  1. 博士(工学)

Research Areas

  1. Intelligent Mechanics/Mechanical System

Research keywords

  1. 4足ロボット,特殊移動ロボット

Subject of research

  1. 4足哺乳類の歩様遷移現象のロボットを用いた解明 4足哺乳類の歩様遷移現象を4足ロボットを用いた実験により解明する。


  1. The Effect of Assistive Anchor-Like Grousers on Wheeled Rover Performance over Unconsolidated Sandy Dune Inclines A.N. Ibrahim, S. Aoshima, N. Shiroma and Y. Fukuoka Sensors 2016
  2. Energy evaluation of a bio-inspired gait modulation method for quadrupedal locomotion Y. Fukuoka, K. Fukino, Y. Habu and Y. Mori, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 2015
  3. A simple rule for quadrupedal gait generation determined by leg loading feedback: a modeling study Y. Fukuoka, Y. Habu and T. Fukui Scientific Reports 2015
  4. Dynamic bipedal walking of a dinosaur-like robot with an extant vertebrate's nervous system Y. Fukuoka and J. Akama Robotica 2014
  5. Analysis of the gait generation principle by a simulated quadruped model with a CPG incorporating vestibular modulation Y. Fukuoka, Y. Habu and T. Fukui Biological Cybernetics 2013